I am an artist, graduate student, wife, mother, New Yorker, photographer and vintage camera enthusiast. Trying to figure out my niche in the photography world, and hopefully take my place in it.

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"I am not a nice girl, I am a photographer." - Berenice Abbott

I just finished messing around with RadLab from Totally Rad. Totally Rad sells Photoshop actions. Recently, they released RabLab. It’s a Photoshop filter plug-in. Think of it as Instagram type filters that you can apply to any photo and adjust to your liking. Even layering different filters to create your “recipes”, which you can save.

I used a photo that I took of myself the last time I had a haircut. I tested it out in color and with their black and white setting. I like the way they turned out, I forgot to save the recipes though. It was fun to use and experiment. I created very dramatic changes in my photos, but you can make changes as light or as deeply dramatic as I did.

RabLab sure made things easier doing it this way than using actions. The thing that I hate about actions is that sometimes they don’t work whenever Adobe upgrades Photoshop. So action that you had that worked great in CS2, might not work in CS5. You find yourself getting errors. Sometimes it is something that you can fix and sometimes it’s not. This plug-in makes it much easier to tweak your photos. You can be more creative and do it faster.

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