I am an artist, graduate student, wife, mother, New Yorker, photographer and vintage camera enthusiast. Trying to figure out my niche in the photography world, and hopefully take my place in it.

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"I am not a nice girl, I am a photographer." - Berenice Abbott

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Permalink (via BBC News - On the beat with New York’s crime photographer)
Really interesting. I have read about his project before. Good to hear him talk about it.
Permalink (via BBC News - Photographing Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald)
Permalink (via Behind the Picture: The Photo That Changed the Face of AIDS |
Such a powerful article and sad. Treatment has come a long way since then. When I was taking Photojournalism we talked about this photo. Without any words, this photo speaks volumes.
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Permalink (via NYC Subways In The 1980s Were No Joke [47 Photos] | The Roosevelts)
This collection of photos is from the 80’s. I instantly recognized this photo. This is a street view of St. Peter’s cemetery on Westchester Ave. It’s the same cemetery that I frequent and take photos of.